Knots (and a lot many things)

Prof. Louis H. Kauffman is here at IISER Pune for a few days. For a man of his age (he’ll turn 72 the coming February), he hardly shows any signs of frailty – he has given three (pretty long) talks in the last two days. His breadth of knowledge is enthralling – the topics he has talked on range from knot theory and mathematical logic to quantum computing and statistical mechanics.

Prof. Kauffman is one of the leading figures in knot theory today. While knot theory deals with the topological features of knots, the extent to which these ideas have been found to be related to physics and other sciences is enormous. World Scientific has a Series on Knots and Everything, with Prof. Kauffman as the series editor; he has also authored a book in the series titled Knots and Physics.

If you’re interested in reading more about knots, you can find a number of interesting articles on the subject (and on many other things) on Prof. Kauffman’s UIC webpage.


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